Show to Bring Bullying Out of Hiding

 Bullying and its prevention will take center stage at Breaking Chains & Advancing Increase's  (BCAI) School of Arts' April 25 end-of-semester dinner show, "Hide and Seek."

The 3 p.m. program, at Hallelujah Worship Center 1105 E Oakland Ave., Bloomington, will feature performances from students of BCAI as well as surrounding artists designed to provide perspectives from all angles of bullying, according to BCAI's Angelique Racki "to significantly decrease misunderstandings and increase appreciation for one another."

NIOT:B/N will participate in the presentation. Racki hopes guests will consider starting a group in their school or workplace to promote "anti-bully/gossiping/disrespect and promote communication and appreciation for diversity," and offers three goals for the BCAI/NIOT effort:

"1. To provide, through a variety of interactive entertainment and activities, enough perspective to ensure that NO ONE leaves without a new thought system taking its course regarding other human beings and how we interact with each other;

2. To provide an amazing meal catered by Heavenly Delights so to fellowship comfortably; and

3. To receive a NIOT pledge from everyone present, so that moving forward, when they leave the four walls of the event, the seeds we planted will remain."

Racki and Latanya Skinner, CEO of Heavenly Delights had brainstormed Skinner's monthly dinner theaters and decided BCAI School of Arts could take April's slot for our End of Semester Show.

"Then, we were wondering what would make the highest impact and what we could do the most with -- anti-bullying from every angle," Racki recounted. "The Holy Spirit dropped the title on me and it fit perfectly with what we're moving to do. Just like the game hide-and-seek, there are places in our minds that we've raised up walls to protect, and this causes MANY miscommunications and misunderstandings. So we seek to penetrate these walls with the specific entertainment, fellowship, activities, and special guests that we've selected. There will be amazing food, dance, poetry, interactive activities, special guests, etc."

For information on Hide and Seek or BCAI, visit or BCAI's Facebook page.