Roxanne: Local Dance Club Offers Rich Mix of Cultural Expression

Fata Dance Club will conduct its fifth summer session in Bloomington, offering a rich palette of "dance cultures" from throughout the globe.

"Fata" stands for "from Africa to America." The club teaches dances from African, Caribbean, and Latin cultures as well as jazz, hip-hop, and praise dance, according to club director Roxanne Ledford, "without bias."

"We encourage all races cultures and skill levels to join as a way to network, learn about each other and unify," Ledford said.

"I'm originally from Chicago where I attended Columbia college dance major. I danced with a couple of dance troupes and worked for a few afterschool programs.

"We service youth ages 3-15 and adults 16 and up every summer and during special events such as Worldwide Day of Play and Culture Night. Unfortunately we are not funded by any organizations, but it feels good to have been able to pull this off with the help from the parents who enroll their kids as a member."

A one-time membership fee pays for dance space, costumes, music, props, and snacks, and the club also conducts fundraising activities to help supplement Ledford's own out-of-pocket costs.

"No one gets paid at all," Ledford stressed. "It's challenging and sometimes overwhelming, but worth the outcome. We perform for (CultureFest) every year as a way to show what the group has learned."

Open enrollment now through May 30. Learn more at