Local Law Enforcement and Minority Recruitment

According to the Pantagraph, here's a breakdown of the current number of minorities, women, and white officers employed by local law enforcement agencies:

  • Bloomington Police Department's full complement is 128 officers, but seven have not been replaced. The 121 current officers include four (3.2 percent) male Latinos and two (1.6 percent) African-American male officers. There are 112 (93 percent) white male and three (2.4 percent) white female officers.
  • Among Normal Police Department's 80 officers, there are two African-American males (2.5 percent), one Hispanic female (1.25 percent) and one Asian male (1.25 percent). Sixty-eight officers (85 percent) are white males and eight (10 percent) are white females. NPD is in the process of hiring one officer.
  • The  McLean County Sheriff's Department has 53 officer positions, with 50 filled: 48 (96 percent) are white males; there are two (4 percent) white females. That's an increase of one female officer since last February.
  • Illinois State University's Police Department has 27 officers. Three (11 percent) are African-American males, 18 (67 percent) are white males and six (22 percent) are white females. 

Demographically, McLean County is 80.5 percent white, 7.7 percent African-American, 5.2 percent Asian, 4.7 percent Hispanic or Latino, according to 2013 U.S. Census Bureau data. The county is 51.2 percent female.